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 "BLISS" World Premiere at the 5th Ave Theatre, Seattle

BLISS logo.jpg

"I especially liked the wonderful Claire Neumann as the goofy/nerdy/vaguely asexual or lesbian Princess Sister who managed to steal pretty much every scene she was in."

~Seattle Gay Scene

"Claire Neumann plays “Holly”, who barters the outward appearance of a ‘perfect princess’ for the comforts of an outdoorsy, nature-loving gal. The episodes where she communicates with the animals (including an earthworm) are scene stealing funny. Ms. Neumann has a natural stage presence and comic timing that will take her far in the theatre world."

                            ~Equality 365

"And then there's Neumann (and my favorite, I'm definitely Team Holly) who had the entire audience in stitches with every coo, grunt, and look."

                       ~Broadway World

"Princess Holly (Claire Neuman) was particularly funny as a smelly, disheveled animal lover who asks her forest friends for guidance along the way. She holds ongoing one-way conversations with (and eventually rides) a unicorn on stage."


New York Times Critics' Pick "Who's your Baghdaddy?"

"Brandon Espinoza and Claire Neumann showcase versatility in a wide range of often hilarious characters and caricatures alike, leaving the audience in stitches."

~Broadway World

"Mr. Espinoza and Ms. Neumann are both comedically brilliant as well as vocally superb. They're so good at what they do it is hard not to give a shoutout"

~Times Square Chronicles  

"Brandon Espinoza and Claire Neumann as the multi-character ensemble of two were brilliant. They are triple threats that went beyond the call of duty. From on point dancing to an array of voices, Espinoza and Neumann were the heart of the production"

~Theatre in the Now

 Critically Acclaimed, "Triassic Parq," Off-Broadway 

Claire Neumann’s outrageous facial expressions as T-Rex 2 are a showstopper.

~Sarah Lucie, Show Business Weekly

"A troupe of leaping, singing dinosaurs are the true rock stars of the deeply funny 'Triassic Parq, The Musical,'….[including] Claire Neumann, inspired in her she-he-ness…”

~Jennifer Farrar, Huffington Post

“Claire Neumann (T-Rex 2) is hysterical. Rex-2’s battle with his burgeoning testosterone-impelled desires mines comedic gold. Neumann’s acting is filled with small gestures and expressions adding up to audience glee. She makes her character’s plight comprehensible and empathetic.”

~Alix Cohen, WomanAroundTown.Com

Smitty in "How To Succeed..." at Stages St. Louis

“There was something about Claire Neumann's performance as Smitty that made me smile the entire production. The woman has stage presence and the ability to know when to turn on the shine. Her performance was another comedic highpoint.”

~Jim Ryan, Playback: stl 

"...Claire Neumann adds a delightful dash of Eileen Brennan to her performance as Rosemary's pal Smitty…A very enjoyable production of a very silly show.”

~Richard Green, St. Louis

Betty Brant in "The Spidey Project" at the PIT, NYC

“There is also the incredibly talented and hysterical Claire Neumann as the imprisoned Rebecca - please write a show for this tortured damsel!”

~Oscar E. Moore, Talk Entertainment

"The entire nine-person cast is hysterically funny (and that's a good thing, since The Spidey Project is, above all, a comedy), but Neumann and Pearlman are particular standouts for wringing laughs out of every lyric and line of dialogue."

~Dan Lehman, Back Stage Blog Stage

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